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FireShot Pro is advanced version of this popular extension for Firefox, Internet Explorer, Seamonkey and Thunderbird.

Switch your FireShot into the Pro mode and you will get :


"Very Useful!!! This has to be the most useful plugin ever! It's so easy to clip what I want from a screen, add comments or arrows (with choice of colors!) to the screen, then push a button to send it via email. I can also save the clip to disk. Since I provide a lot of on-line support to beginners, this is the perfect tool for me."
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MaryLou White,


Already have FireShot installed in your browser? Then switch it into Pro mode in one click!

You don't need to download anything to upgrade from the Free to the Pro version of FireShot. Just click "Switch to Pro! " in context menu of FireShot's tool button (Firefox or Internet Explorer browsers) or switch to Pro inside of FireShot editor.


In case of you're already in love with it.

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