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Screenshot Studio 1.10.5

Have you ever used Print Screen to take screenshot?
Have you ever used MS Paint or another Graphical Editor to edit it?
Have you ever saved it to disk, opened e-mail or FTP client or web browser to upload it onto public server to obtain opportunity to get a link and distribute it worldwide?
Have you ever calculated how much time you spend performing these simple actions?

Have you ever wanted to quickly take screenshot, cut off unnecessary details, highlight required fragments and distribute it over whole world using WWW, e-mail, or just save at your desktop?

Screenshot Studio makes these things both easier and faster. Take a closer look to Screenshot Studio...

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FireShot for Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer, Edge, Seamonkey and Thunderbird

FireShot is an addon for Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer, Edge, Seamonkey and Thunderbird that creates and edits screenshots of web pages.

Among the several web screenshot capturing extensions available, FireShot stands out with its unique image annotation capabilities.

It adds a button to the toolbar which you can use to capture entire web pages or just the currently visible portion. Note that Flash can also be captured.

The screenshot is displayed in a new window along with tools for adding text, transparent shapes you can use to highlight various areas, arrows and freehand drawing. Annotations are vector objects so you can easily drag and customize them.

Annotated screenshots can then be uploaded to our free hosting website, saved as PDF, PNG, GIF, JPEG or Bitmap images, copied to the clipboard, emailed, printed or sent to external editor for further editing. Learn more how to capture web with FireShot...

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swf2mht - Free tool for embedding Flash files into HTML

One of the biggest problems of Flash files is that they cannot be opened by a simple double-clicking in Windows Explorer. There are many solutions on how to workaround this problem, including converting them into another format, to self-executable files, or embedding them into HTML.

swf2mht - is a FREE tiny command line utility that performs embedding of SWF files into HTML. It creates just one file which is double clickable. When double-clicked it opens in MS Internet Explorer where you can see your Flash Movie as if it has been opened using File >> Open dialog.

Download swf2mht (94 KB)


SWF Compress - Free Flash Compression Tool

Although most modern Flash production programs provide an MX Compression feature, there are many existing Flash files that still haven't been compressed using MX Compression algorithm yet. This tool solves this problem. Just specify source and target files locations and press Compress button. Generally, most Flash files are decreased by 40%.

Download swfcompress (200 KB)